Hi, I’m Kat Okpara!

I’m an NAHB Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, researcher, and caregiver advocate.

My passion for home safety and accessibility started with my experience providing 3 years of care for a 97-year-old woman who lived alone at home. I experienced many moments of joy as I supported her through her life journey. I also witnessed the daily challenges that she faced while trying to maintain her independence.

Newfound barriers to mobility and access emerged as time went on. The front door steps that used to guide her feet to new adventures soon became fearsome and unpredictable. The home she once navigated instinctively somehow became uncharted waters.

I kept an eye out for ways to improve the environment. I also accompanied her on outings so she would feel safe to explore. However, I couldn’t be there 24/7 to ensure that all was well.

Since then, I’ve dreamed about a future where all communities are intentionally designed with diverse needs in mind. A world in which she’d feel safe and reassured even when she was alone.

My mission is to make this dream a reality one home at a time.

What I do

My goal is to help every person make confident, informed decisions. I’m skilled in evaluating the accessibility of living environments, creating organization systems, and conducting strategic research.

Key Services:

Currently servicing the San Francisco Bay Area & providing online consultations nationally

Are you looking to transform your lifestyle or support a loved one through their journey?

I’m here to help!